"Civilizatia adevarata a unui popor consista nu in adoptarea cu deridicata de legi, institutii, etichete, haine straine. Ea consista in dezvoltarea naturala, organica a propriilor puteri, a propriilor facultati ale sale" - Mihai Eminescu

joi, 26 iunie 2008

He came, he saw, he conquered..

Our land, our spirit, our soul

That`s about all there is to say about Patrice`s stage performance, here in Bucharest..
Never thought a musician could have such good vibes, i was expecting them to be ok, but they were beyond my expectations..Unfortunatly they can only be "experienced" live, his vibes aren`t cought on tape as one would "feel" them at a concert..

Anyway, great concert, great music, great new album, great musician, great man.
His live performances are "a must".

ps. Love the band :))

Vids from the concert..

1. Badboy voice - dancehall

2. Is it me

3. He don't answer

4.Jamming and part of Reflect them

5.Everyday good

l6.You aways you

This is for the end, a sublte attack to the one and only G.W.Bush
Dove of Peace

And some pics






Hope you enjoyed it

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