"Civilizatia adevarata a unui popor consista nu in adoptarea cu deridicata de legi, institutii, etichete, haine straine. Ea consista in dezvoltarea naturala, organica a propriilor puteri, a propriilor facultati ale sale" - Mihai Eminescu

miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013

We were born to be awsome!

What is so interesting about people is that they usually give life and form to wonderful things without even knowing it. We tend to focus on what would be special and nice strictly to us and forget to let others enjoy what they find wonderful about us.
So my advice, to whomever may want to take it, is to live life daring for more, breaking all those narrow-minded life patterns and giving those around one hell of a joy ride :)

So DARE and give life to your awesomeness!
                  (and let us enjoy it beside you)

Here`s a sweet kid preaching it out :))

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