"Civilizatia adevarata a unui popor consista nu in adoptarea cu deridicata de legi, institutii, etichete, haine straine. Ea consista in dezvoltarea naturala, organica a propriilor puteri, a propriilor facultati ale sale" - Mihai Eminescu

miercuri, 20 februarie 2013

[Insert title here]+PIXEELSS!!

So my muse decided to go on vacation and left me here all alone, stranded with no idea for a half decent post so i've indulged myself with music, web comics and a lot (A LOOOT) of funny gags.

Meanwhile, in my lately not so active life my friends started up BIG this year, some bringing news of marriage some quite of the opposite, but all in all good news for each and every last one of them and i`m quite happy for them (and though i have to search and buy some new suits it will be my pleasure :) ).Yeah, i fuckin` outgrew my suits.again. You`d be thinking i'd've stopped growing years ago :)) So BIG moments of JOY for my friends and i this year.

So enough mumbling nonsense, i actually came here for another reason, PIXELS !!

Two favorite songs of mine await your clicks below!

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