"Civilizatia adevarata a unui popor consista nu in adoptarea cu deridicata de legi, institutii, etichete, haine straine. Ea consista in dezvoltarea naturala, organica a propriilor puteri, a propriilor facultati ale sale" - Mihai Eminescu

luni, 18 februarie 2013

Questionable Content Comic

So surfing on the internet took me places this weekend, one of them landing me on this Web Comic called Questionable Content. I will say this, i was never able to stick to a comic so far and this was my first break-through web comic wise.

It`s been going on for lots of years, it has about 2400 one page episodes and it is fun. The graphic is really good for a web comic and the puns get you giggling.
I guess i like it because i share their sick sense of humor :D This is where i started reading from and i gulped about 400 pages this weekend :)) yes, it was a slow Sunday, my head was expanding it`s boundaries thanks to Saturday`s vodka night. 

So yeah, you`ll find it in my blog list and also in the links above and below.

<< Questionable Content >>

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